My projects

Here is presented the most of projects I worked on


.NET library for TOTP/HOTP implementation on server (ASP.NET) or client (Xamarin) side

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A service which allows you to easily login on any computer with QR code

Open webpage (Closed alpha testing)


This is my first big project. And the first one published in Microsoft Store.
This is a Windows client application for YouTube

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Password generator

This is my second browser extension. It helps you to easily generate strong passwords in one click

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Tabs Aside for web browsers

In the Edge browser, Microsoft has introduced a new feature called "Tabs aside" (or Tab groups) which lets you set tabs aside in a sort of temporary workspace so that you can call them back up later.

Unfortunately, in new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge, the devs decided not to implement this must-have-feature. So I've decided to create a browser extension which replicates this awesome feature

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Cross-platform application project that allows students and professors of SPbSUT add their timetable or timetable of selected groups to e-calendars such as Outlook or Google

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Smart alarm app for Xiaomi MiBand

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This project is used to analyze videos from security cameras and shows short clips that contain detected motions.
I made this project during scientific projectы competition in the big data division

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A C# library which is used to extend the abilities of YouTube API v3

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Console program which splits files into 1MB blocks and compresses them in multi-thread.
I made this program an intro challenge in Veeam Software

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As much as I was digging into Software development stuff I realize that I need my own website. So I've started to work on it.

The technological stack was much simpler than now: HTML + CSS + JS (pure, because I don't admit this fancy framework shit). But since I decided to become a C# developer I thought it would be much better if I do this on an appropriate stack. So current choice: ASP.NET and Core MVC 5 and Visual Studio/UWP styling (say thanks for Consolas instead of Comic Sans)

Actually, there's much more on the site than it appears. You can go to GitHub and check yourself

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Ej-Ik (side project)

Ej-Ik is a distance education platform developed by folks from SPbSUT.
My job for the project is to improve and maintain legacy code. In the nearest future, there's a goal to completely overhaul the existing code base and I will take part in this.

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