Tabs Aside extension for chromium-based browsers

4/27/2020 | Michael "XFox" Gordeev

Tabs aside

If you’re like me, you often find yourself with a bunch of open tabs. You’d like to get those tabs out of the way sometimes, but they’re maybe not worth saving as actual bookmarks.

In the Edge browser, Microsoft has introduced a new feature called "Tabs aside" (or Tab groups) which lets you set tabs aside in a sort of temporary workspace so that you can call them back up later.

Unfortunately, in new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge, the devs decided not to implement this must-have-feature. So I've decided to create a browser extension which replicates this awesome feature in Chromium-based browsers

I've made a Tabs aside extension for Chromium-based browsers from r/MicrosoftEdge



And yes, it's an open-source project!

That means that anybody can contribute to the project, make own awesome features. Check out project's GitHub repository to get started

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Md Habibur Rahman | 3/1/2021 8:50:53 AM

I read your blog post. Excellent information thanks for sharing Edge Addons